News September 2012: Ubique 隨處 Överallt

Tove Dalenius has just ended an exciting exhibiting at Cube gallery in Phoenix Square Digital Arts an Media centre. 

Ubique 隨處 Överallt 

Dreams of electronics, imposed passion, enforced infatuation. Who materialises our desires? Who brings yearning from the earth in to bright shiny boxes?
Artist and MSc student Tove Dalenius from the Institute of Creative Technologies creates a space for imagining our electronics’ history. She is building a place to consider the origins of the digital artist’s tools. Tove has worked with students and artists from Taiwan and China as well as the UK to inform the piece. An improvisational collaboration on the theme, bringing in the work of artist Kieran Walsh, allows the contemplations to resonate.

13 – 19 August 2012, artist in residency/ 20 – 25 August 2012, exhibition

See pictures of audience interaction with installation Ubique 隨處 Överallt here

See the Facebook event Ubique 隨處 Överallt here

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