Research/ Consultation

Life Views During a year ending 2007 I and Sarah Wright, an Anglican priest, were employed by Leicester Council of Faiths. We were in depth researching and writing a report with recommendations on how LCoF could develop their inter faith work on a grassroots level. We developed a questionnaire and face to face interviewed a large number of individuals and groups about their view on how people from different faiths and life views get along in Leicester. We had in depth discussions with faith leaders and statutory and non-statuary service providers on how to improve outcomes of their work affected by the multitude of faith and life views in Leicester. The report “Life Views” was published in 2007 and was well recieved. “City councillor Manjula Sood, a trustee and executive member of the Council of Faiths, said: “It is a good piece of research. “Overall, the feedback has been very positive about life in Leicester. It has also indicated that there is more that groups like the Council of Faiths can do to bring people closer together.” Leicester Mercury, March 28, 2007


Leicester Council of Faiths