Jag vill vara ogenerad – därför struntar jag i ädla stilar,
ärmarna kavlar jag upp.
Diktens deg jäser…
O en sorg – att ej kunna baka katedraler…
Formernas höghet – trägna längtans mål.
Nutidens barn – har din ande ej sitt rätta skal?
Innan jag dör bakar jag en katedral.

Edit Södergran (September 1918)

Edit Södergran – source

Firstly, I shall try to understand the flowers of the earth, shall take as my starting point the plants of the world; then, I shall study, with equal care, that which is preserved in the waters of the world. Then it will be the blue ether with all its various animal species . . . and finally, I shall penetrate the forest, shall study the moist mosses, all the trees of the forest and all the animals that dwell among the cool dark masses of the trees. . . . Everything is contained within the black cube: The greenery of the earth is the bottom of the cube, the blue air is its roof, and the water-filled part is situated at that section of the cube that I rest my back against.

Hilma af Klint (1917) – source –

Hilma af Klint – source –
Sonya Delauney Propeller (Air Pavilion), 1937
Sonya Delauney – source –

Joshua Mays is an American painter, illustrator, and muralist. His work, which typically features black subjects in fantastical settings, is considered by many to be an example of Afrofuturism, although he does not use the label to describe himself.

Joshua Mays – source –
Dorothy Hodgkin – source –
Helen Megaw – source –
Jane Richardson – source –