8 March

You can see the hologram ‘Emergence’, and meet the artist Tove Noorjahaan Dalenius, tomorrow Thursday 2nd February 2023. 11am – 2pm.

The Women’s Building
3543 18th Street #8,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Tove presented the paper ‘Full-parallax digital holography, anatomy and art’ at the SPIE Photonics West Conference 12445 Practical Holography XXXVII: Displays, Materials, and Applications in Session 2: Artistic Applications of Holography chaired by Seunghyun Lee Kwangwoon University.


Tove attended the HILMA AF KLINT – THE TEMPLE: immersive virtual reality event at Swedenborg House in London. “Hilma af Klint dreamt of a spiral-shaped building to house her most important works. According to her notebooks, she wanted it to be built on an island in Sweden but the idea never materialised, and the temple remained an imaginary creation – until now. More than a century later, af Klint’s vision has been translated into an immersive VR experience. It takes you on a cosmic journey from the Milky Way, through spirals in nature and into a few of the artist’s most important paintings, some of them even coming alive.” “Hilma af Klint The Temple was conceived by Daniel Birnbaum and Kurt Almqvist and directed by Marika Stolpe. The experience was produced by Acute Art and published by Stolpe Publishing. Creative Director – Rodrigo Marques. Music – Andrew Sheriff.”

Break for Covid-19 2019-2021


From The Catalog for the Art in Holography: Light, Space & Time exhibition at Aveiro City Museum.
Jonathan Ross of Gallery 286 in London.
Roger Malina of the Academic Journal Leonardo.
Micheal Bove Head of the Object-Based Media Group, MIT Media Lab.
Isabel Azevedo Institute for Design, Media and Culture, University of Aveiro.

Tove Dalenius makes a presentation of her paper “An artist’s perspective on data visualization using synthetic holography” to the distinguished audience at the 11 International Symposium of Display Holography at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. Tove displayed an art photograph in the exhibition ‘Art in Holography – Light, Space & Time’ at the Museum of the City of Aveiro and holograms in the technical exhibition at the University. June 2018.

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