This is a selection of works produced during my time doing a Master of Sciense (MSc) at the Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT), De Montfort University.



DRIFTER “Drifter” is a Situationist game based around the idea of Psycogeography and the dérive, the conscious drifting in the urban environment to explore unknown aspects of the city and of the mind. In the Faculty of Technology Interactive Media and Applications module I developed the piece using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3 programming. Play Drifter here


Working with “BIRTH LIFE DEATH”

BIRTH LIFE DEATH In the Performance Technologies module I developed the piece “BIRTH LIFE DEATH“ which focuses on the concepts of cross-cultural communication between individuals from cultures that are perceived producers of electronics and cultures that are perceived as users. The piece investigates ethical issues around production environments and the issue of electronic waste through a narrative of individual contributing participants’ perception of the lifecycle of an electronic consumer product. Experience BIRTH LIFE DEATH here


“Explore” photo diary

EXPLORE “Explore” is an online exploratory photo and thought diary of the MA/MSc in Creative Technologies course I am currently taking at the Institute of Creative Technologies, IOCT, De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. It forms part of my research. I have taken one or more photographs during every session/lecture during the course. I have also added links to work that has informed my process. See Explore here